Road Safety


Chris Walker, West Oklahoma City


Context: Walker said he feels unsafe driving on Oklahoma City’s back roads, where he finds overgrown bushes and trees blocking his view of street signs, oncoming traffic and intersections. City data shows Walker is not alone. Complaints about obstructed street signs, intersections and roadways have increased yearly since 2011.


Eric Wenger, Oklahoma City Public Works Director


Context: Public works has 225 employees who work on streets, but they tend to prioritize bond-issued projects over upkeep issues like overgrown brush or overhanging trees, Wenger said. The city relies on residents to report problems of overgrown brush, but Wenger said responding is difficult due to the size of the city.

A Deeper Look:

Blocking the View

View obstruction includes brush, grass or anything else blocking a driver’s line of sight. The Oklahoma City Action Center has received more of these reports each year for the past four years. Hover over or click on the bars below to see how many reports the center has received each year.

Source: Oklahoma City Action Center