Mistrust of Police


Daran Steele, Northeast Oklahoma City

Steele, a pastor at New Union Baptist Church, has lived in Oklahoma City all his life. He said his neighborhood used to be a better place to raise a family. He also remembers not being in constant fear of harassment by police. After being what he says was racially profiled as a gang member because of his hoodie in 2013, Steele said he has developed a mistrust of police. He also worries about the interactions his 2-year-old son will have with police as he gets older.


Paco Balderrama, Oklahoma City Police Spokesman

Balderrama said officers should be familiar with the community they patrol. By establishing a relationship with residents and business owners, officers can become familiar with what’s suspicious and what’s normal in the area. Balderrama said more work is needed for officers to gain the trust of the communities they police.

A Deeper Look:

Many Investigated, Few Charged

This chart shows the number of Oklahoma City police officers investigated by internal affairs for criminal misconduct, and those charged with a crime as a result of an investigation. The 2014 data includes a recent notorious case — against Daniel Holtzclaw, a former officer charged with raping and sexually abusing several women in his patrol area in northeast Oklahoma City.
YearOfficers investigatedOfficers charged
201225 **2
201322 *1
*Five officers investigated for alleged gang rape. Investigation determined the accusation was false.
**Six officers investigated for allegedly stealing a watch. The complaint was determined to be false.

 Source: Oklahoma City Police Department.