Not Reporting Crimes


Yesenia Duque, West Oklahoma City



Context: Duque manages an apartment complex along 10th Street. She often gets mad or anguished at what she sees, ranging from mothers who can’t find child care to tenants who are robbed or burglarized. One frustration is the failure of tenants to report crimes. Over several months, she said she reported to police six pistol robberies at her complex because victims refused to make the call, either out of fear of being deported or belief that nothing would be done.


Paco Balderrama, Oklahoma City Police Department Spokesman


Context: Balderrama said many in the Hispanic community are fearful officers will ask about their immigration status if they are the victims of a crime. This means some Hispanics shy away from reporting crimes. One problem with that is it leads to under-reporting of crimes, which can lead police to believe an area is safer than it really is, Balderrama said. Police did go after a gang in the area of Duque’s apartment that targeted Hispanics because the gang members knew they were less likely to go to police.

A Deeper Look:

Crime in West Oklahoma City

YearHomicideRapeRobberyAssaultAssault with a gun

This photo shows the location of crimes in an area targeted for increased police patrols in west Oklahoma City

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Data from the Oklahoma City Police Department