Speeding In Neighborhoods


Kristy Trejo, Northeast Oklahoma City



Context: A mother of three, Trejo said cars are constantly speeding through her neighborhood. Her children regularly play outside, which concerns her since they are not always thinking about safety. Trejo wants police to be more proactive addressing speeding. Like many residents, she know little about how to request a temporary traffic patrol or apply to have special signs or speed bumps installed to slow traffic.


Paco Balderrama, Oklahoma City Police Department Spokesman



Context: Balderrama said the Oklahoma City Police Department has a motors unit with 12 to 14 officers dedicated to staking out areas where residents have complained about traffic violations. Regular patrol officers don’t have time for proactive traffic enforcement because they are too busy responding to calls, so the motors unit exists to decrease speeding in problem areas.

A Deeper Look:

Speeding Tickets

The number of speeding citations recorded by the Oklahoma City Municipal Courts declined slightly from 2010 to 2012, then rose a little during the next two years. Hover over the bars on the chart to see the number of citations each year.

Source: Oklahoma City Municipal Courts.