Healthful Food


Chauncey Shillow, South Oklahoma City



Context: Shillow said a lack of fresh produce in his area contributes to the unhealthful eating habits he sees in children and their families. The relative lack of good food outlets contributes to poor eating habits, whose detriments are compounded by hereditary health issues.


Ashley Dickson, Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma



Context: Dickson, a neighborhood capacity builder for her organization, said poverty and a lack of access to healthful food plays a role in Oklahoma’s obesity rates, which are significantly high compared to the rest of the nation. Those rates are especially high for people living in poverty and for minorities. Dickson wants to see more efforts citywide to improve health habits, especially by increasing access to nutritional food.

A Deeper Look:

Eating, by Income

These charts show how many Oklahomans in different income ranges eat a serving of fresh fruit or vegetables daily.

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health.