Community Centers


Everett Johnson, Northeast Oklahoma City



Context: Johnson, who mentors and tutors children at the Ralph Ellison Library,  is concerned about the lack of community centers in northeast Oklahoma City. More youths could get assistance with studies and guidance if there was a community building for meetings and other activities.


Shannon Entz, Housing and Community Development Senior Planner



Context: Entz agrees that there is a need for more mentors and programs for children. Last summer the city worked with the Oklahoma Afterschool Network to develop and facilitate a summer program. A major improvement was seen in the math and reading scores of the children who attended, she said.

A Deeper Look:

Finding a Community Center

After-school programs are limited at some schools in Oklahoma City Public Schools. In addition, the city has relatively few community centers offering after–school programs in neighborhoods beyond the central area. This map shows locations of schools, represented by green dots, and locations of recreation centers, represented by blue pins.

Source: Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department; Oklahoma City Public Schools